Rapid Tranformational Therapy (RTT) Works!


The Power of RTT Therapy

 Emperical studies have proven hypnosis 93% effective compared to other modes of therapy.  And Rapid Transformational Therapy is like hypnosis on steroids.  Created and developed by Marisa Peer, RTT has won a multitude of awards internationally recognizing it as an innovative and effective therapeutic approach.  RTT combines elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, neurolinguistic programming, and then RTT-specific techniques to get to the root of where your concerns started, and then to vanquish them from your life quickly and permanently.

Our Practice

 RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) is the most effective and permanent way to change long-held limiting beliefs and erroneous messages that were instilled deep within us, often at a very early age.  Whether it's depression, anxiety, sleep issues, addictions, confidence, speaking in public, trusting your own intuition, or specialty performance issues (sports, music and dexterity), by accessing the subconscious mind with RTT, we can get the most powerful part of your being on board to start giving you the results that you want.  You're never too young or too old to get acquainted with yourself and become the very best version of who you were always meant to be.   

Our Patient Promise

 No matter what you're struggling with, I do know how trapped it can feel.  Our commitment to you is to use the powerful tools available within the RTT modality to help you access and release the powers that already reside within you.  We honor your journey and will delight in your progress towards the life you want and deserve.  


State Exam Boards - ACED!

Samantha is now a California Certified Shorthand Reporter.  Like many students she suffered from test anxiety.  With one session she was able to see what had been holding her back, to conquer the nerves and get on with her career!

lives Forever changed!

Possibilities Unleashed for her!

Marina is finally a working court reporter after years of struggling with procrastination, indecision and doubt.  One session opened possibilities she couldn't have even imagined!  Eight weeks after one session she was a working reporter.  Life has never been the same!

About RTT by creator and developer, Marisa Peer

14 Years of Allergies - GONE!

Cecile suffered with allergies for years.  Can you imagine living on an island paradise and not being able to enjoy flowers?  One RTT session and she has never taken another allergy prescription.  Wow!


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